Team - IK Mnguni
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Our team

Owner qualification and experience.


Started as a truck driver and for 20 years he delivered several commodities all over South Africa but also beyond our borders to our neighbouring countries. With his experience he decided to venture out on his own and bought two trucks to buy and sell coal to his community. It was in 2008 that he was offered a transport agreement by ESKOM to transport their coal to different Power Stations.

KI Mnguni

CEO / Founder

Is the Operations and Safety Director of the company. She is experienced in the transport and logistics industry and has been involved with the company since 2010 Zanele’s business approach is based on effectiveness and quality service delivery.

Zanele Mnguni

Managing Director
  • 100% Black Owned Company as well as Black Woman Ownership.
  • Sourcing of qualified and experienced people.
  • Regular communication between client and owner.
  • On site management by owner.
  • Regular on the job training of employees.